Axle nut removal


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So I'm in process of changing out a cv, and ran into a bit of a problem. Can't get that dang nut off the axle. Tried an impact gun, then a breaker bar, and then a breaker bar with a 4' pole extension only to be taunted with utter failure. I'm getting a lurking feeling that it may have welded itself on :x... any tips or input on what I can do about this?

Nope not welded. Corrosion creates a high surface tension along with the possability of it being over tq when installed. Take a decent size hammer and hit the nut as hard as you can. Spray with some pb and repeat. Hitting it will break surface tension and hopefully break it loose for you.

Good luck and w/e you do do not use heat. You can damage the bearing


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you can take it to a shop to loosen it up and tighten it so you can get it home to work on it. they dont charge. ive done it several times and ive broken breaker bars, even broke the dudes breaker bar at the shop lol. kinda funny.


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you sure the nut isnt 'dented' into the axle?

if you look at the lip where the axle goes thru, theres an indent from a flathead screw driver that 'locks' the axle nut to the axle.
No sir, that little bit of a lip that is used to dent in is completely gone. Had to be sure that it wasn't getting hung up LOL
The indentation isnt that extreme. I dont even bother bending it back out like your suppose to. Good 1/2 dr snap on beat ass bar and i get them loose when i do them at home.

Most likely its corrosion binding the three surfaces together, or it was over tq and shot on by a impact until it wouldnt turn anymore. Some techs are idiots.
You dont even need that. My 1/2" ridge back tears these off like their valve cover bolts. Impacts need to be used in their operation range with pressure and volume. If you dont have either or it drops pressure to quick it wont work well at all. My impact rated at 750 reverse ft-lbs tq could barley take lug nuts off when i let my buddy use it at his house to work on his datsun.

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