B18a1 Turbo experts ONLY!!

I have a bunch of questions. Is this motor even worth turboing? Is it worth the Time and effort or should I just swap in a new motor that will be a better motor to turbo. I want to be able to run 18 psi and 12 psi daily. Is that possible? This is not my daily driver so time/money arnt an issue but remember I'm a college student and have only a part time job lol. I ONLY WANT PEOPLE WHO KNOW(OR HAVE ALREADY DONE THIS) WHAT THERE DOING!


1: That motor is the best B-series motor to boost because it has the lowest compression ratio.
2: psi doesnt mean anything, its all in the size of the turbo. A t3/t4 is the most popular turbo to put on stock motors. If you got a .50-.60 trim, then roughly 12psi would put you around the 300hp mark which is the limit for a stock b18b1/a1.
Best thing to do would be to do a compression and leakdown on the motor and see if its healthy or not. Personally i would get Arp rod bolts and main studs and head studs to keep everything nice and tidy down in the block and then make sure you save some money for a dyno tune, those arp bolts will help you if you begin to rev past 7500rpms.

I am far from an expert but I feel I need to throw a couple things your way.

The B18A1/B18B1 are both probably the best for boosting. The B1 has a better flowing head, from what I can tell.. but the compression in both are the same. 9.2:1

First thing that comes to mind.. I don't think you even realize how much power you would be playing with here. Have you ever driven anything with more than 150hp? Lol. It's quite a lot. I'm completely stoked for my turbo build to be done, my big block ford has around 235 horsepower, I can smoke 40" tires down the road, that much power hauling 5000 pounds less will be ridiculous.

18psi/12psi seems like it would be kind of high for a daily driver if you're running a good size turbo. A t3/t4 at 13 psi puts out like 300hp, with a tune and fuel supply of course. Now i'm not going to throw exact numbers out there, but 18psi will put you over that safe benchmark for a stock engine. I'm guessing it will be at least 315hp with a good tune..

If you do turbo it to run that much with a T3/T4, your going to need to upgrade your block, and that is probably out of your price range being a college student with only a part time job. Think about this; the turbo and the tune alone will run probably run you $1500, and that's running eBay shit. Pushing over 300hp shouldn't be done on a stock block, so forged rods are on your list.. thats another $300 at least. Pistons? Well that's $500 there. Rod bolts and head studs can probably be done about $150. (Give or take.) Then it's probably smart to upgrade the sleeves in your block.. and I can't throw out a price there, that's a machine shop kind of deal. Well then there's the clutch, running that much power your going to want to upgrade that too. Again, can't throw out a number.. too many options there.

I just want you to realize that your dealing with a lot of power, your streetability will go down and your going to be throwing a lot of money into it. You need to plan it well. If this is one of those "I just saw some street racing movie now I wanna go fast.." then don't do it. If your going to think it out and plan ahead.. GO FOR IT, it'll be a fun build and you'll have a sweet car when you're done.

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