B18A1 Turbo

So i have a 1991 integra with a B18A1 in it all stock.. i want to put a t3/t4 turbo in it from turbonetics. And i have a few questions. ECU.. i am aware that i will either need to run a chipped or standalone ecu which is better for the price? and do i keep my stock ecu connected and wire to it or do i take it out and install a new one. This is the only part that is tripping me up for some reason i can't wrap my head around the ECU portion of it. Also, if anyone knows any good kits out there with a t3/t4 in it post the link if you could i've had my eye on few kits from turbokits.com and fastwayracer.com with pretty competitive pricing has anyone heard any good/bad reviews from either of these websites? Thank All.
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