B18C5 rebuild?

Ok I have bought a integra LS with the type R swap already done.Upon buying the car I noticed the oil consumption is way to much.I have had a few mechanics look at it and some are saying new rings and some are saying other things.I want to completely rebuild the entire motor while I am in there.Does anybody have any good references of where to get a complete rebuild kit for the B18C5 motor?I would like to go back as stock as possible or if anyone has rebuilt theres with a kit that they have had good luck with.Please let me know any suggestions or any links to some rebuild kits.I do not want to go with a turbo set up I am tryiing to keep it N/A.Thanks

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buy new OEM rings or Hastings rings or another reputable rings brand rings
an OEM or Cometic or another famous brand complete gasket kit.

and once the motor is opened, it will be seen if anything else is needed.
I could not find any rebuild kits for these motors at all. I had to buy the parts separate.

Main Bearings, Rod Bearings, Full Gasket Kit (I suggest Cometic), Thrust Washers, Piston Rings, Water Pump, Timing Belt, Idler Pulley.

Then get at least the head pressure checked and milled if necessary. I suggest getting the block checked and hot tanked to say the least. It will also need to be honed. You should get the rods re sized, and the crank checked. That's all that's coming to mind right now.

Good luck.

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