B20 Panda DC4

Hey what's up everyone? I'm new to the side, so I'm creating an intro with my car. I drive a 1994 RS model DC4. It was my first car, and I've had it since I was 17. 5 years of owning it has changed it a lot. It used to have a body kit, which was dumped. The guy that sold me the car had it on there, and he also installed a sunroof. Whoever he had do it, did a great job, I love it. The original motor blew up shortly after I got it. So it was swapped out with another B18B1, which has seen a Turbo for a day (Didnt work out as planned), Nitrous for over a year, All motor for 2 years after that, so we put a fully built Crower Stage 2 LS head on it, and it spun a bearing due to burning 5 quarts of oil in a matter of 2 weeks. The new B20B motor had 29K miles on it, and I recently dyno'd it at 197.81whp / 263.48wtq untuned.

The specs are:

1998 JDM B20B (P8R head, ask me questions about it, not too many people know about that head)
LS Intake manifold (Got rid of the "Giraffe")
OEM Honda ITR Throttle Body
AEM Fuel Rain w/Stock Injectors
Evolution Motorsports Intake (Soon to be Icebox)
DC Sports GSR 4-2-1 Headers w/ Eliminated O2 Sensors.
2 1/4" full cat-back exhaust w/2 resonators
B&M Short Throw shifter
p28 Chipped ECU (Great basemap, running stoich, but it's not tuned)
Eliminated A/C due to it being turbo at one point.
NX 85 Shot Wet Kit.

Front: USDM OEM ITR struts w/Eibach Ground Control 4" Adjustable Coil overs.
Neuspeed Front Camber Support/Strut Brace.
NRG Lower H-Brace

Rear: USDM OEM Integra Struts w/Eibach Ground Control 4" Adjustable Coil overs.
AEM Rear Strut Brace.

15X6.5 Rota Circuit 8's w/Dunlop Direzza DZ101 tires.

Exterior: 98+up Front/Rear Conversion
Black Hood and Trunk
8000K Plug n' Play HID's
Yellow Tinted high beams.

Interior: DAD Red Front Racing seats.
ITR Center Console (Badged #: 0000100 Acura Integra Type R)
Alpine Type S speakers.
Alpine Head Unit.

I'll post one up right now, and I'll post more later.

A couple of vids:

I spin all 2nd gear every time off a roll. =/. I need better tires. Enjoy the vids though. =]

Me vs an EF w/a USDM B20B#, Stage 1 cams w/50 dry shot. (209whp, 199wtq)
Camera Car: 2006 Mustang GT w/Bolt Ons

Me vs a GSR DC2 ITR cams - (162whp)
Camera Car: 1997 Turbo Sohc Mini-Me HX Civic
Me vs a Gutted EG hatch w/B18C1, all bolt ons, ITR pistons (Unknown HP)
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Umm. car looks nice but where the hell are you getting these power numbers at? By the way the ls intake mani is the giraffe manifold.
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We dynoed it at Velocity Trends, a Local Parts/Build Shop in Jacksonville, they use a dynojet dyno. I was surprised myself. B20B w/p8r heads come with more torque than HP stock to being with though.

An LS intake manifold is completely different than a Giraffe. The Giraffe is a giant made for a torque curve intake manifold. If I had kept that one, I would have had to cut my hood, or raise a bunch to make it fit right. The LS intake manifold has better runners as well.

The Giraffe ONLY came on the P8R heads. All USDM B20's came with a P75(LS) head and intake manifolds. The B20Z's came with a chamber box on their intake manifolds though. It was supposed to be for the mid-end torque.
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Ok so they call the b20 manifold the giraffe also. The LS manifold is still very restrictive and you should replace it, you'll gain more power with a type r/blox style manifold.

About the power. With the mods you have I would say your lucky to have 160 torque let alone 260. Sorry man but your not going to get those numbers with your current setup.
The intake manifold will be replaced. That's a plan for it..but I don't think you read the last part on my engine specs where I mentioned I'm running a nitrous shot on it? not to sound like a dick, don't mean to..but I'd watch the video of me racing that EF, which put down 209whp, 199wtq...in a much much lighter car. That should be some proof to those numbers.
I'm not using a purge valve, so we couldn't clear the line on the first run, the big dip you is a detonation thanks to stock spark plugs. I'm running NGK 3330's now.
Velocity Trends huh? LOL, I used to mod on that guys forum he made. He still have that nasty Civic? Damn that brings back memories. I just stopped getting on there after it stopped growing and it was all just Jax people and being in Orlando it didnt really work.
Yeah! haha. The civic's still there..just sitting. It's a show car now..has been really ever since Steve wrecked it, he got it back up..but it's just sitting. He has some new plans for it. Even more HP! haha. Their shop's starting to grow a lot, the fact that Stage 6 Motorsports decided they won't help anyone out unless they have over $3-$5K helped Velocity Trends a whole lot! lol;
Well that's pretty cool if your getting that power off those mods. Do you have a larger pic of the sheet. I would really like to see where the band is in comparison to the rpms.

Side note: The P8R heads have larger valves don't they?