B20 Timing Belt Question.


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My question is will a B20 timing belt Fit an LS B18b Motor ? i need to change my girls timing belt and some guy can sell me a OEM B20 timing belt for $25 with less than 10,000 miles so is that a good deal and will it work in an LS motor ? Help me out guys !

Yes it'll fit. it goes like this: non-vtec water pump use with non-vtec timing belt, vtec water pump use vtec timing belt (except for B16 since its shorter).
i wouldn't buy a used timing belt, spend the money and get a brand new oem one, it'll last longer and it'll be alot more durable. you can't prove how many miles are on a belt.

no offense, i can sell you my belt that could say has 80, 000 miles on it and tell you it only has 30,000 miles on it, and chances are you probably won't see the difference
spend it a bit more, and you know its brand new, and in the end you'll save more from having a less chance of that belt snapping on you.

just my thought on it.

definately dont buy a used timing belt. you can get the belt, water pump, seals kit on ebay for like $125. say you try and save yourself $25 now but the timing belt is bad and 10,000 miles down the road you got bent valves. what's more worth it? $25 now or hundreds later?

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