B20 Turbo Daily Driver Build

Let me introduce my self im Chris and this is my mission.

I have had my fare share of turbo RX-7's in my day but im am as new as it gets to Honda motors. I have in my 97 integra GS with a b20b motor with a Skunk2 Intake manifold and throttle body, and a light weight flywheel. the B20 I have has a 9/6 Stamped on the head so I figure from my searching it is a 8.8:1 compression 96 JDM motor since it only has B20B on the block with no number. From what i know this is a nice compression ratio for boost, but I have read that the cylinder walls are thin in this block. I am looking for maybe 6-7 psi to make the car quicker, not for racing I have my LT1 V8 RX-7 for that.

What I know I need:
Manifold, Turbo, Oil Feed, Oil Drain, FMIC, BOV, Waste gate depending if internal or external, and a downpipe.

What I need to know:
What are my options for ECU control can i work with the stock ECU?
Will 6-7 Psi with supporting mods be alright on this motors longevity?
I already have a Walbro 255lph fuel pump on the car this care used to be boosted can i reuse?
other than other accessories like gauges, clamps, ect... anything else I need.

a b20 is good for boost you can even go a lil higher on the psi and one thing u need to upgrade its your fuel injectors and maybe a FPR and imo you should go with a external WG b/c the internal one might give you problems

Ok turns out i have a ecu for the thing so lets see how it goes.
i have been driving the car for about a year now with no problems. Car does not smoke and does great on gas so i see no problem driving it. I mean I had a turbo RX-7 with a standalone not to long ago and when my turbo motor blew i ran a N/a motor on the same tune I had for the turbo and it ran good a little lean in the higher rpm (15.2:1 by the wideband) but otherwise good. It actually was better on gas. since it never saw boost being N/A it never added fuel to the base map.
you will have to get it re tuned after your build because the basemap on it now was for a specific setup and yes you will need injectors but with a low boost application don't bother buying a fpr or fuel rail. I would honestly look into what injectors are actually in it right now cuase i find it hard to believe that you could be running n/a with stock 240's and all on the turbo tune for 440+ cc injectors. What program are you tuned with do you know?
no idea bought the car as you see it

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