bearing Wheel , quality parts?


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hello,,Looks like Timken doesn't produce bearings for our mirage. Before I go to a bunch of stores trying to feel up some greasy balls, is there any consensus here for sourcing a quality set?

I've replaced wheel bearings a few times on mid90s Toyota Corollas I've driven.
I had sourced the bearings from RockAuto (wjb, ultra) and went into some local parts stores to lay my hands on bearings Moog, ACDelco, National, store brands, I don't know how many I went and felt in store. They all had felt somewhat gritty and resistant to roll. Of course there were better and worse ones.
The wjb from RockAuto were almost as bad as the bearing I pulled off. I put it on anyway just to buy some time.
Anyway the only bearings I came across; that in my opinion felt smooth and brand new like some high quality rollerblade or skateboard bearings, were Timken.
I am not opposed to finding and picking up low mileage original equipment. I just prefer new to used and if I'm replacing it anyway, if the price is right, I prefer better than original equipment possible whenever .thx
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