Biggest First Date Turnoffs


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complaining, blowing up my phone when im busy working, integra hatin......i dont know how many times a girl has been in the teg and complained about how the exhaust is too loud or how it isnt a mustang...and no fat girls


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number one for me is being a hypocrite. "why is your car so dirty" ( has never washed her own car.....,ever) " why is your car so loud" ( ex had a turbo diesel) ironic s**t like that


tl;dr material (OG's is an exception)

Shallow, Fictitious, Hypocrite, Immature, Demonstrating Higher Value, playing hard to get, blowing up the phone, talking about past relationships, thinking she's better than all other girls out there, really emotional girls, and just boring girls in general.
One thing that I really have a problem with is girls that have a serious lack of communication (I am an open individual btw). Of course there are some of those girls that don't want to tell you shít, because they honestly believe it will hurt your feelings, and vice versa (true to a certain degree).

I like for girls to tell me what is on their mind (I make it clear at some point of the date). Whether its about me, her, the relationship (long term), or why some people have the flu in the summer.

P.S. I may have contradicted myself by mentioning "blowing up the phone", and "lack of communication." Depends on the circumstances though, as far as communication goes.
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I hate when chicks bring up real awkward topics, talk about their friends and what they do (unless it funny), text while were in the middle of a conversation, dont hold up their end of the conversating, eat very little (i really hate when a chick is so overly conscious about here "weight" that they cant enjoy food.), ugly feet ewwwwwwwww, dont know shit about cars, dont have opinions, etc.

havent been on a date in months so just trying to recall from memory and think about what could potentially happen


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