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No fucks given.
People are fucking stupid..... Guy posts this:

Force originally went out of business around 2010. They recently opened back up but don’t advertise, so not many people know they’re back. I tag the new owner of the company because if can buy them new, why the fuck wouldn’t you... ?

OP cries “But I wanted a used one. $300 is too much for a metal elbow and a $70 filter” and buys some shitty $30 Chinese pod from eBay that another guy posted...

Because a tiny plastic Chinese K&N knockoff is going to work much better on your American bike than the one of the most popular American made air cleaner for Harleys, right?

Fuck trying to be helpful /rant

It’s shit because it’s a 1200 Custom

That odd shaped (but larger than a peanut) tank fucks up the look, the seat is low as hell, and there’s barely any travel in the shocks.

The pipes sound like shit because they look like chopped stock pipes. A proper exhaust setup (like the MagnaFlow I want on a Roadster) would sound 100x better
Skinny bike, wide bars, forward controls. Shit sandwich


No fucks given.
Facebook keeps showing me ads from that fucking Janus company...

$8k for a bike that has no dealerships, a Chinese 250 (that’s really a 230) Honda clone, and looks like it’s from 100 years ago.

Less than $1k more, you can get a brand new Iron 883 and never worry about finding parts.


No fucks given.
The CRF230 is way too new for them to clone.... Case cover shape varies, but most are copies of the old XR200 engine.


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