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No fucks given.
Turns out those cnc wheels are way too fucking wide... 3in up front, 3.5in at the rear. Stock size is 1.4/1.6.

So I start looking at other options and find a company in Malaysia that makes reps of the Kawasaki Enkei’s.

Since I’m gonna paint the C70 Voltage blue, I’m thinking the gold 7 spokes. The annoying part will be emailing the place hoping they ship to the US...

Besides it being a 09 with less than 2k miles, the addons he listed total close to $3k...

And I’m well over 10k into my first year Firebolt
Here's another one that you can ask "why is it so fucking cheap?"

My point being that even a factory race prepped, official pace bike can’t even bring 7k....

Pretty fucking sad.


The other asshole
It probably could, I just think buell owners aren’t full of shit like rice rocket gixxer fags who want 5-7k for a beat to shit ‘05 with 16k miles and a two-bro’s can that’s been dropped on more than once

That’s one thing you can give buell’s... it’s rare you talk to a random guy out riding one and he ends up being a complete fucking moron ricer
Well ya know.... it takes a certain type of person to own a Buell. The bikes weren’t exactly built to conform with what is seen as “normal” in the motorcycle industry.
Might not be so bad if there weren’t so many fucking tattoos and she actually had hair

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