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And yet his grip pales in comparison to the grip of that rear fender...


The other asshole
I’ve almost been thrown over the bars a few times, but somehow saved it.

Sometimes you hit a jump wrong, the front end doesn’t even go up, it just rolls over the jump and the rear end just springs your ass off like a bull

Still not as scary as the time I was doing a wheelie uphill and lost my grip, by the time I found my footing and looked up the bike had done a u turn and was still standing straight up headed right for me... I still managed to grab it and keep it from hitting the ground... it was only a few months old, I didn’t wanna fuck it up so I ran at it as it passed me and jumped back on

Massive ass plate frame
Looked better on the KZ that I got it for.... Swapped the plate from that bike to the XB when I bought it

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