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I’m just saying if they wanted to make an ADV/Sport Tourer, that’s another example to go off of that was sold for 1/3 the price when it was new

BMW is a fucking BMW. Buell was a weird brand with dedicated fans like Motus tried to be.... and failed at


The other asshole
I’m just thinking for a motus price tag they should’ve looked on par with that. They definitely could’ve built the bike way more like a Uly, making it cheaper, abs instead of carbon everywhere, cut the price down making it a true riders bike instead of a show toy and I bet it would’ve sold way better, because the engines were definitely interesting from a riders standpoint.


The other asshole

Too early to give my opinion, but at a glance... damn nice for a $180 bucket.

Liner seems to be the main difference from the more expensive OG AX-8. K1’s doesn’t feel as durable. Still soft and nice though.

They gave me a $100 wine voucher with it... so I can be fancy as fuck with my Italian helmet on a fuckin’ Harley

See... this is exactly what I was talking about. Mint bike turned hipster bullshit. Dime City Cycles featured it on their Facebook and everyone is shitting on it

Dang what a shame! That thing looked awesome. It isn't even a well done cafe...
I think you’d better look at a map. St Pete is nowhere near the Keys
You live in St. Pete's dang. I have some family down there. We don't visit often but next time I do I'll have to say hey.
So, I am officially a bike owner. IDK if Kurt told you Ty, I may have missed it.

I've been super busy with work, the family and the bike itself so I haven't got on here it is Suzuki GS550 temporarily name is GS5Fifty Cent cuz thats about my budget and it is gangster.

The harness was chewed through by a dog and the fuel lines have been messed with/are missing. I connected the wiring and it now has spark. It might actually run the next chance I get a little time to just throw a fuel line into a gas can.

Oh also I bought it for 250 bucks haha


Check on eBay for harnesses. You can typically find an entire harness for a bike like that for under $50.
Should also degrease those case covers, then grab a bottle of this stuff and polish them up.


The other asshole
You’ll have to just replace it once you get ready to actually start riding it. Once a link seizes even if you loosen it up it will build heat and lock solid which will damage everything from your sprockets to even the output shaft and bearings in a short amount of time.

Not to mention it vibrates like a mofo

This was one slightly seized link, it still flexed a little, but just listen to the bike lol

God, that bike was shit... and now you wanna buy back the car you traded for it
Hahaha, wow it does effect it a bunch.

Yea I was going to replace it anyway. How much will that suck? Do you do like on a bike and use a chain breaker?

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