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No fucks given.
Guess I’m gonna try to get this bitch running again. Besides new fuel line and a filter, I really don’t need any parts mechanically.

Couple small things like levers, mirrors and a new headlight, and visuals should be good.


The other asshole
Didn’t the timing jump on it and that’s why you gave up on it?

My brother’s getting into it finally. He ordered a new oem rear fender, taillight lens, uni filter, and a trail tech striker. Haven’t started the work on it yet due to shit being a mess and me being busy with literally every damn vehicle we own having something wrong.

We both agree it’s ugly right now but it’s still loaded with nice shit, and it’s insanely low wear since the old guy literally just treated it like you do the firebolt. He literally didn’t ride it once since he bought it in ‘04, just modded the hell out of it and kept it serviced so it ran.

Don’t know if I ever said but it has:

  • BRP billet upper triple clamp
  • Protaper CR high fatbars
  • Progrip dual compound road grips
  • Aluminum skid plate (unsure what brand, probably an older XR’s only)
  • Scott’s steering damper (removed for now because the bracket was rubbing the throttle cable, he’s getting a forward mount for it soon)
  • Rekluse clutch
  • Edelbrock quicksilver carb
  • Nology high output ignition coil
  • Came with an XR’s only billet rear rack
He also recently bought a shoei VFX evo and Spy foundation goggles. Hopefully this bike was just what he needed to get out of this stuck at home shit once we get it dialed in like Chungus.


No fucks given.
Nah, it didn’t jump timing. The original engine, one of the spark plugs blew out and after I put a timesert in, it ended up fucking up the top of the piston.

Bought the replacement engine, brought it to get blasted to clean it up since the shit was black and covered in grease. That guy took a little over two months to get it done (early February 2016, dropped it off before Christmas 2015). Got it back, got the case covers powdercoated. Everything back together and in the bike by the end of the month, but never got it to run since I bought the XB a couple days later.

Now... shitty pic, but it’s pitch black at my house

- timing is set

- belt tension adjusted

- new petcock, fuel line and filter

- carb back on

- New levers ordered

It’s turning over and trying to fire, but popping through the carb. So I’m guessing the jetting is lean as shit.

Also need a new battery, headlight and front turn signals. Looking into this setup when I’m not broke.

Enough of my bullshit, anything new going on with the XR’s?


The other asshole
I’ve read a bunch of good things about the eBay/Chinese day makers like that, lot of Harley guys use them since the real deal is stupidly expensive.

Torn down, I’m rewiring it because the dual sport kit was like a custom thing that modified the factory harness, it was all done decently, but the brain box is dead and epoxy sealed with no replacement parts available because it’s so old. I’m just gonna remake the factory 3 wire harness that runs the light. The simpler the better, reliability wise.

Gonna do a valve adjustment too even though it probably doesn’t need it, and try to dial in that edelbrock, if I can’t succeed in that then I’ll put the original keihin back on because I know exactly how to set that up. After that I’m gonna try to adjust the rekluse, have to rev the shit out of it to engage it, if I don’t have any luck there he wants a normal clutch put back in.

Then of course installing everything, the trail tech and so on. Once everything else is dialed in if he hasn’t run out of money we’re gonna put a baja designs dual sport kit so it’s fully legal and get rid of that grandpa lookin ass UFO headlight

Oh and in listing parts it had on it I forgot to mention the tank is a Clarke 4.3 gallon.


No fucks given.
Had to set timing again, the one I did Saturday was off. Change out the pilot jet and re-gap the plugs... but this bitch runs strong. Just have to jump it every time



No fucks given.
I told you I had everything to get it running besides fuel line/filter. Just didn’t care enough once I got the XB because it was faster and way fucking nicer, even as beat up as it was when I got it.

Really just have to play around with jetting now since it’s rich as fuck, get a new battery and headlight. Already have a shit ton of jets, so hopefully I’ll only be spending around $150 total.


The other asshole
Nah, just thought it was a sweet bike. Never actually seen someone put some actual thought into one.


No fucks given.
Wasn't really paying attention tbh Definitely forgot about the liquid cooling though

Doesn't look like a 600 either though. Small tank looks closer to a 400R


The other asshole
400 was introduced in 96, biggest difference is that side/number plate. The 600r was pretty much the only one in the 80s, rest of them looked quite a bit different.

Tank does look smaller on that one, but I think it’s just an illusion because of the graphics, or it could just simply be a 400 Tank on an old 600.