Brake lights stuck on 24/7

I'm hoping someone can tell me how to fix the fact that my brake lights won't shut off. Apparently theres some plastic thing that broke that was the sensor for the brake lights and idk how to fix that. Disconnecting the battery every time I leave my car for a while isn't something I want to have to continue doing. -_-


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Welcome! Im assuming your talking about the brake pedal switch, should be as simple as unbolt old one bolt in new one.
Hmm I was searching in another forum and someone said this:

"The Rubber stoper must have broken loose from the brake pedal arm (common Honda / Acura problem). When the stoper is gone the switch striker goes through the hole that the stoper was in. A quick fix is 2 pennies and some duct tape! It sounds stupid but it works. You can also use a bolt and nut, drop the bolt through the top of the brake pedal arm and install the nut from the bottom. It will keep your battery from discharging. "

I searched around under there and don't know what the switch is that they're talking about. Any pointers or landmarks to be looking for? lulz

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