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First of all, if this is in the wrong section then feel free to move it..

Hi guys, I wanted to do a quick review of one of the newer companies coming on the scene, Braum. I believe they just started this year (2016) so if you haven't heard of them be sure to check out their website (Universal Racing Seats - FIA & SFI Harnesses | BRAUM?).

I spent weeks looking and trying to decide on a budget seat for my autocross build. I looked at sparco R100s, some bride fixed backs, and even oem type r Recaros. I obviously didnt want to spend a small fortune to comfortably keep myself planted while driving so i was looking to spend under $1000 for 2 seats, brackets, and sliders. I came across braum and realized how much they resembled the oem Recaros, which was initially the look i was going for.

I read what seemed like a million good reviews so I decided to take the leap of faith and give this new company a try. I ordered the S8 V2s, which can be found for around $600 on Car ID. I ordered them on a Friday and they were on my porch the following Thursday (keep in mind if you order the Planted technology seat brackets they are made to order so there is like a 5 day lead time)

The seats arrived packaged together in a nice box. I know thats simple but it says something about the effort put forth by the company.

Again, I know its not much.. but they each come assembled and in these nice, reusable (although I haven't found a use for them yet) black draw string bags

Under the bag, they're sealed in plastic.

Now, I've gone through the way they're packaged because to me, that speaks volumes about how they care for their products and customers. These seats made it all the way from Cali to North Carolina without a sing flaw or any damages from shipping.

Now for the actual review...

Initial impressions were good, just sitting in the seats out of the car i could already tell a huge difference in the bolstering and the foam firmness compared to my stock G3 seats. I used to use my car for work and would be driving anywhere from 7 to 10 hours at a time depending on my route. I never had any real comfort complaints about the stock seats, but after I completely rebuilt my car and starting racing it, the shortfalls of the stock seats quickly made them selves known. I felt like I was spending more time trying to keep myself in my seat then I was actually focusing on driving. I have competed in only one event since I've installed these Braum seats and the difference is incredible. Now instead of being thrown around like crazy, I have a much greater feel for what the cars doing.. or what its about to do. Driving in an aggressive manner, doesn't feel as aggressive as before, you honestly feel one with the car (cliche I know). the bolsters are firm, but well padded. the tubular frame runs up into the lower bolster so there is no chance of sliding out of these seats. Don't let "firm" scare you away.. I sat in one of these seats the night I got them for almost 3 hours while playing my PS4, never even gave it a second thought, I didn't have to adjust myself or get up at all. I'm 6'-2" 180lbs and these seats fit me very well the holes for my harness are right at the top of my shoulder like they should be. So if you're significantly shorter or taller than I, you might want to verify that dimension with braum if you plan on running a harness. Keep in mind these seats come with a limited lifetime warranty, and fortunately I haven't had to call them for anything but I've heard that they are a pleasure to deal with.

I ordered the S8 V2s (V1s have the more traditional recaro style harness hole) in black and gray. I've only had these seats for a few weeks so i cant comment much on the durability as i don't drive this car that often, but if seems like high quality fabric and materials. the grey microsuede is very soft, its not as purpleish as it looks in the pictures. the rest of the seats are a black jacquard fabric thats soft as well as very...grippy. This attributes to the functionality of the seats as well.

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures of them installed in my car yet as with work and other projects I haven't had time to properly clean up my car for pictures. But, as soon as i do i will post them as well as a follow up on these seats in a few months when i get a few thousand miles on them.

So there you have it. That's almost everything you would need to know about braum. Be sure to check them out, they have plenty of other original designs and color options to fit any interior as well as harness bars, and other accessories. Feel free to post questions and I will answer them as quickly as possible.

Thanks guys! -Chris]


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i can tell you right now you would have been better off with the sparco seats or a recaro. Also they arent FIA or SFI


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Hell, even Recaros out of an Evo 8-9. They go for 500 or less for the pair. Look pretty similar also.


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Well the packaging was nice :lol:

Props on putting in the effort to write a review though. :thumbs up


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Plot twist: It was a spambot all along, Braum paid for the advertisement.