Buddy Club Spec 2

I was just wondering if a Buddy Club Spec 2 would fit on my 98 ls. Would i have to cut or weld anything? The exhaust is probably going on to a stock cat. Any help would be appreciated!

How loud will it be with a silencer, i live in california too so im basically screwed.... Is there a way to make it fit from my cat?
Here's a few videos of it.




Trust me, in person it is SUPER loud. I live in California, a friend of mine has it and has got lucky with just 2 warnings for loud exhaust but he always shifts low RPM's, unless racing.

& you can cut your cat and weld new flanges on it but that'd bottleneck the piping which would lose horsepower. Might as well either buy a new cat or go with a test pipe...
Ah I love the Buddy Club Spec 2. But in all truth bro, the only thing tour paying money for is big shiny pipe with a brand name on it. You can get the same sound by taking your Tegg to a muffler shop and telling them you want straight pipe. The shop I go to charged me $180.

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