Burning smell when VTEC engages?


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Hi, I have a 2000 GSR and a problem I have is that when revving over 5000 (which I believe is when VTEC is engaged) there's a strong burning smell of metal(?). This occurs in any gear. I don't believe it's burning clutch since omegle that smells different. It happ discordens so much that my friends and I call it "The Essence of VTEC", haha. Does anyone have an explanation for this? I feel like revving it like that is damaging the engine somehow. Thanks in advance. xender
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That happens to with my 98 gsr too. I know my engine has a minor oil leak. It doesn’t leave obvious puddles on the ground, but the engine always has a coating of oil down the side. My guess is that it’s oil burning off as the engine heats up.


You could look around the VTEC solenoid to see if its leaking oil out of the seal, very common place to leak.