Can rear LCAs with seized bolts be replaced by burning out the rubber bushings?

After removing the welded nut on the opposed end of the bolt head (with the thread still in tact), could one then proceed to burn out the black rubber bushings encircling the sleeves, to remove the bolts holding LCA in place? My source of heat would be a propane based torch.

The bolts are apparently seized in the sleeve, and the one of the strut bolt head is snapped off. I don't want to use an electrical saw. I already have new LCAs on hand.

It seems cutting the threaded part of the bolt with sawzall may be required.

The inner LCA bolt that attaches the LCA to the subframe is near the gas tank, and I'm a bit worried about heating that up; I did read that its more unlikely to be ceased to the sleeve.

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I paid $400 to have a shop replace the rear LCA. 3 of the six bolts needed to be grind out. The ones near the gas tank did not need to be grind out.

They damaged the trailing arm/LCA assembly facing away from the muffler though, and are offering to perform welding on it to make it look 'right' for MD state inspection. I didn't notice the damage until I changed the rear strut myself.

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