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So are you an actual person, or just another spam bot?

Notice he linked that fucking detailer again.
That’s why I asked, because his posts are almost like a noob looking for advice, but he keeps slipping that link in there.

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No fucks given.
Does the same thing with the shrug ‍♂️


No fucks given.
More Walmart shit.

It’s been about 6 months since the last wax of Mirror Bright (spray wax doesn’t count), so I’ll be trying the Gold Class Plus in combination with Ultimate Polish when I get a chance in a few weeks.

Found online, same wax. Most likely the same paint code as my car

I was looking for the Meguiars interior detailer that has new car scent in it (for the van), but apparently Walmart carries every interior detailer except that one .

For $5, the West Coast Customs stuff was worth a try since it says “non-greasy” (unlike Armor All). Smells pretty right good out of the bottle, like a mix of new car scent and citrus. If it turns out to be garbage, it was only $5 and I still have an aluminum bottle for other shit

And with as many miles as I put on it, that MAX power stuff is the only thing that takes off all the shit from the van, worked pretty good on my dad’s truck also. For $6, it’s good stuff if you use a high soap to water ratio.


No fucks given.
Pretty sure it’s Walmart exclusive, but everything in the line is super cheap. Like $4-7 depending on the product.

And it looks like you can get free samples on their website. Whether or not you get it in smaller metal bottles, idk

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