Car Care/Detailing Thread


No fucks given.
The last two are direct sunlight mixed with shade. Check out the SS logo on the dash under the vent and the bottom left of the wheel.. too lazy to get out my actual camera


The other asshole
I see it in the top left of the 4th picture now. I’ve never had my camera do that if it’s clean. That foggy hazy thing in bright light. I usually get like sharp glares or rays.

Little blue-ish, I was trying too hard to flush out the orange in the red.


No fucks given.
It’s hilarious how much it bothers you but it’s just the big ass tree casting shadows directly above the car fucking with the lighting.

Old pic, but you can see the tree I’m talking about above the hood. Shadows from the branches all the way out to the road.

This pic, I was standing on the concrete patch by the road where the one above was taken. Same spot all the other pics above were taken, tree to the right.