Car Photo Thread: jbrown97ls

When do u go out in wichita?? are there meets....i might be heading up there before winter hits...let me know if you want to meet up for a shoot :)
I have a few friends that run the "smokey panda meets" but I never really go to them. I'll occasionally "meet up" with everyone on a week day, but I'd just consider that a small hang out haha. Let me know when you come around!

cars sick plain in simple... cleanest db on the site! i kinda half to agree with you on the rfp1. after all enkei are a oem brand wheel. if you sell those rims lmk first, hopefully b4 i buy my own set :p
Thanks! That's quiet the compliment coming from the UKDM king. I would really like to get some new wheels, but it will most likely be a while. I'll let you know first if I ever get get around to getting a new set.




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Got sent some photos of my cars from the last few weeks.

Took the integra out for its first drive in a while this weekend. It was way too cold for the tune; stayed out of boost, so no updates on how it hooks with the new setup.

And here’s a candid of my daily/drift NA Miata from a week or so ago while we were out shooting my friend Beaus drift e36 M3 before he moves next week. It was below 20F so I stayed in the car because I fucking hate cold weather.

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Damn, the Miata’s looking good

The teg always looks sexy

I want a Miata, but I’m not looking to spend a lot of money for one. My gf’s grandparents have some, and they have a shell sitting around that I’m trying to get to swap in a bored and cammed ford 302 I have laying around.

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