Central VA WTB: stock shocks/springs assembly


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Anyone have stock shocks/springs they don't need anymore? Looking to change my full body coilovers out to prep my teg to be tow dollied cross country.

Not selling my coilovers just looking for stock shock/spring assemblies to swap out. (to include the tophats) I'll even take just the rears if anyone has a set.

I'm located in Chester, VA. 23831

If you're within 2 hours and willing to meet halfway awesome! If not, I'll have to consider shipping.



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I have the springs. But I only have the front struts, and they don't have top hats.


ONLY couches pull out!!!!
i work at momentum Autoworks in Ashland.....Look us up and shoot me a call. my names Ricky.

We have some used stuff laying around and we can also order new for 90% of brands.