Check engine light - Code 8. TDC Position?


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So I recently had my integra sitting for a few weeks and the battery drained. So I got it jumped and the check engine light was on. Manually tripped it since I don't have a code reader and it blinked 8 short blinks. Looked it up and it appears to be related to TDC if I am correct? Is this related to the distributor? If so, will just replacing it (again) fix the check engine light?

Otherwise is there harm driving it? I have not been able to find much information on it and wanted to see what you guys think. Thanks in advance


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If its been sitting for a while then clear the code and see if it will return, driving a car with a check engine isn't always an issue

If the issues is worse or damaging to anything then the car will go in to limp mode either reducing speed or limiting rpms

If the check engine starts flashing as u drive on the other hand then that's when u should stop and be concerned that some thing major is happening.

When a check engine or oil light comes on and starts to flash that means what ever is going on should be looked at and the car shouldn't be driven

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