Clean Yet Dirty Build Thread


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I love your rims! I'm jealous haha
And you should post a recent pic up of her after a wash! I wanna see it all shiny :)
Thanks lol, will do on the pic request. Just put new tails in and bumped some of the dent out.

Ill take pics tomorrow if its not raining. Been working constantley on different things to make money for the car.

Just got letter from college, apparentley made dean's list. Didnt even try, not sure what that means lol.


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So i figure $1560 for mostly what i want this summer. Then cost of paint job on top of it. I beleive i posted something like this before but i'd like some ppl's opinions about plans.

$630 for form and function type 1 coils

$730 for type r conversion(prob need to buy a few things not included)

$120 for rear visor "duckbill"

$110 for front and rear tow hooks

and would like to get a gauge pillar cluster for volt, oil pressure, and a random other gauge(not doing it for looks). im used to the oem gauges in my truck that told me what was goin on with it. i just really hate dumby lights, makes it hard to keep proper maintenance of vehicle . I want volt and oil pressure cause that can save you lot of trouble if your trying to figure out whats wrong. I want a third because i do like look of triple clusters and i feel there is another gauge that would be helpful but not sure which one. Also where would you go to buy these gauges without spending a lot of money.


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Just got Coils installed on the front. Snapped the bolts on the stock struts so i gotta get new bolts and cut old struts off. lol so car is currently super raked...front still has another 2in to go lower. so gonna jack it back up lower ir more and pull fender and quarter panel.

Pics soon, gotta finish this and clean it up.


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Just ordered spoon front lip and type r spoiler (i like the look), they should be in this upcoming weekend. Getting car estimated tom for body work and paint. As soon as i get new stuff on its off to the booth. Milano red FTMFW :D also getting wheels legit painted instead of my backyard style(hopefully get road rash fixed too on them).

not sure how long its gonna take but my friends doin photo shoot for me after it rolls out. In case anyone wants to have a shoot done here's his sites.
I will be posting pics from shoot up so everyone on here can get some eye candy to drool over


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Spoiler is on and wired up
Spoon front lip is for JDM front not USDM
Working on just turbocharging the car instead of looks
depending on money afterwards go with original plan of JDM front(can use the front lip then also)

Current turbo kit assembly(put together myself)

Walbro 255lph fuel pump-$116
Precision sc5031e turbo-$840
38mm wastegate(ebay)-$50
GM 3 bar-$45
GEM Vacuum Manifold-$42
Ram Turbo Mani (ebay)-$150
3" Downpipe (ebay)-$120
Unorthodox Racing Pulley KIt-$316
Oil Lines for turbo (ebay)-$50
Cat back exhaust (ebay)-$120

trying to find out what size injectors to get and fuel management system to use...hopefully get some random pics up before too much snow


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pics brea...keep it up. careful wit the turbo. seen soem cars get fcked caz not doing it all right. Long, tedious process but worth it when done all right. Mad props.


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Finally getting round to posting pics of the build. Car was stolen and stripped last week. Hoping to get a RSX next.

Car got hit while parked

Repairs to the fender


Doing all the body work to repaint the car

Fixed rust

Masked off




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Just bought car with insurance money plus some on top. I bought a white 03 rsx-s with k-pro and 102xxx miles, HIDs and lowering springs.



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yea but got to upgrade to this. already ordered yellow fogs, window visors, fender liners (missing for some reason) and LED interior lights. Next upgrade is coils. Currently looking at form and function type 1. Had them on integra and i figure they were good on it so put them on this.