Cleaned Throttle Body now CEL!


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First off the car is a 1998 Acura Integra LS........I cleaned my throttle body yesterday while the throttle body was still on the car. I pulled the intake and filter off and sprayed carb cleaner inside with the throttle closed and wiped everything down with a rag then opened the throttle up and cleaned the backside of the plate. It was hard to start but a car always is after you do that. Seemed to idle higher than normal so I drove it around the block and it was idling at 1000rpm's warm idle (normal is around 700-800 9apps).

Woke up this morning to come to work and it was still idling high. I almost made it to work and got stopped at a stoplight. I was just going to mess around and hit the brake pedal to draw up some vacuum and see if that would help anything and I hit the pedal once and the car immediately idled up to 1500rpm's and check engine light came on! It started idling erratically between 1000-1500rpm's. Got to work and shut the car off. Waited a few seconds and started it back up and the CEL is still on but it's not idling erratically now. It's still idling high but not jumping back and forth between rpm's. I'm going to run the code this morning. Any one have an idea of what it might be? Thanks for the help!