Club Integra Cup (GT5)


The Transporter
LOL, you want a funny name? Add my troll account PSN: Benedict Arn

Take a guess what I do on that account... :lol:

You should see our "fan mail."


RS owner
hell yeah imma get GT6! gonna drive on some local touge roads and upload em. its gonna be sweet!!

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Real Good!
i know coy has it but for those who dont, YOU NEED TO GET IT!
got mine

wires on the fit lol

prob the best option ever

ready to go

got a few extra credits aswell ;-)
add me if youd like psn: mendez124


Real Good!
Is customization better than gt5? If there are more options for a car, then I'm going to get it.
oh yeah
you can change the colors of the wheels and body like before
alot more wheel options
size of the wheels, body kits for newer cars (havent messed with it too much)
they drive alot better aswell

Yes yes yes f***ing finally I have wanted to remove that wing for so long
exactly such an easy mod makes alot of ppl happy