Silver and Gold Metallic Decals Now Available


The other asshole
I will be ordering some of these along with some tunersports decals sometime tomorrow morning.


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Received mines today. Love em. Thanks Jay Jay


The other asshole

On a side note they kept wanting to stick to the white backing instead of coming off with the front strip but that may just be because it was like 50 degrees outside

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The other asshole
The TunerSports gears are supposed to be silver but my phone couldn't get it, They might have looked better in gold aswell but I was curious to see how the gold/silver combo would work out.

Jay Jay

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Unfortunately we do not have any bronze vinyl. I may get some the next time I need to order more.


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Im thinking go with the same style as your Acura emblem. I'm going silver to go with the chrome emblem on my hood and trunk.