Colorado Meet


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Sooooo. anyone wanna make a couple extra bucks?

Top bolts for my trans mount are MISSING (Previous Owner)

Need someone to tapp for new ones.... interested?


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So, after taking a break for awhile from the car scene to get my head clear and really get some ideas flowing, I've decided to settle on an eg sedan. I'm thinking single slammer, vtec, 150hp & 150tq out of the box. Engine is already in the car, running and driving. A little surprise for the shit talkers. "Single slammer civics are slow", unless you're referring to a jdm a heavier platform like an accord it's not much. But, in a civic it's a monster. Only step left is to tune it. I already have all the bolt ons. Can't wait, don't be too intimidated if you see me at bandimere, I mean, it's just a single cam.....;)