coy's integ thread n_n


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since i havnt made one.. i thought i'd like to now.. here it is since day 1 ti'll now!! enjoy the transformation!! keep in mind, i do all the work myself on my car n_n

1996 RS
price of car: $3000
milage: 150,000

first i did the rear wiper and 3rd brake light delete.. i had an intake from a friend of mine that i decided to use on my integ.. and had a front strut tower bar thats been in other hondas.. its such a whore.. lol!!

the stuffed animal is my inspiration to go black/white scheme in the near future! [:D]

mine's the white one and the green GS-R is my hommie's that lives across the street from me..

then after a week of driving around.. someone busted a hit-and-run when me and my hommie went to eat dinner.. i left my car in front of his house..

then the next day.. i straightened it out at my friend's house that has the green integ..

yeah.. you could still see it but its better than when it was dented..


since that hit and run, i was able to pick up another rear filler panel so im not worry about it anymore.. but the damage is slightly noticeable on the bumper still.. so about 3 months later, i was finally able to lower the car with some black/polished lip c8's.. i also repainted the mirrors and painted the base of them black..

then after about 2 months, i decided to change up the look a bit.. so i went to go paint the rims.. and guess what color? green baby!!

and a month later, decided to grab me an si-vtec lip rather than the itr because i didnt wanna have to paint the lip.. also, i picked up the jdm window visors and i painted my stock blinkers a full translucent yellow because personally, it looks a lot cleaner.. and i got a little roll call going on..

then it came time to sell the greens and went with something a little more oldschool.. had to get ready for the biggest honda meet in the world over at eibach!! also finally decided to suck it up and installed sidemarkers and swapped over to 'honda' badging.. other suspension stuff ive picked up were c-pillar bar, rear upper strut bar, rear lower tie bar, and skunk2 pro camber kit up front..

after rocking these rims for a good long while.. decided to sell em +trade for some gsr fat 5's and picked up some spoon (replica) mirrors and detachable steering wheel w/hub lock

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after the mirror install.. decided to jump on the edm train so i picked up an edm rear fog.. im still working on getting the edm tail lights but damn.. 400 bucks?!

when i got new tires for the fat 5's.. i wanted to paint em because the previous owner painded them before and they were all scratched/chipped.. so i went with black.. i like to call em my 'fat blacks'.. and i also picked up a set of hid's from a group buy here on c-i

not long after, i picked up some used full coilovers and went lower since i wasnt happy with the ride height.. named 'super sexy slammed' by matt n_n

and now.. about a month or so ago, picked up full apex'i n1 catback.. safe to say that im glad with this purchase!!

and thats about where my car stands right now.. n_n comments welcome!!
some stuff i forgot to mention:
under the hood, i have the password jdm whale penis and msd spark wires, rear benen tow hook (still have to install the front one) which i will post a pics of later..

ive, not so long ago, shaved teeth off my timing belt and busted my oilpan.. i'll post up pics of the damage and the progress pics of it later.. i still need to upload and resize the pics of it. i'll do that stuff later..

did some work since last month to the ride..
oem vis cf hood
painted side moldings
'time attack' fat blacks
got my shop stickers made (placed over pass headlight and over exhaust)


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Car looks nice. really liking the drop and the N1. I love the sound of N1, a little loud at times but sounds amazing


My other ride is a Ruckus
looking really good, keep it up.


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thanks guys! next thing im gonna get is a 4-2-1 header. most likely from dc sports.. i'd like to get the hytech replica but i dunno where to grab one of those up..


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i remember u from havent seen your car since the greens lol. still looking good..i miss the greens though


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^^ yeah.. i dont like t-i much anymore.. oh well.. i miss the greens too!! i didnt wanna sell em but i wanted 15's.. oh well.. im thinking of painting my fat 5's green n_n hahaha!!


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HA...esp since my teg got stolen i havent been on ti for nothing...but i'm in agreeance w/ the green fat eet lol


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thanks! when the eibach meet rolls around again 'may 18' im gonna drop her all the way down n_n ive got about another inch from that drop right now.. gotta make up for the stock painted rims :D


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here was a day where i dropped the car to the maximum!! and no i didnt just lift up the back.. my cam died when i took this pic..