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another annual update on TanginaTegra

as some of you may know, i started getting rod knock. i mean, my motor has been thru hell and back.. and did it once more LOL! sadly, it started to give out due to rod knock. after multiple timing belt snaps and being hydrolocked years ago, it was time to retire the old B18B1 with 430k+ miles.

i am now on vtak!

say hello to TanginaTegra2.0 aka the GSRS

B18C1 (rebuilt)
GSR transmission (rebuilt)
about 5k miles on motor/trans
skunk2 intake manifold
Crower titanium dual valve springs and retainers
adjustable cam gears
ITR cam shafts
port and polished intake/exhaust

i have no idea what's been done to the block. as far as i know, it's been rebuilt but not sure if it's been upgraded.

all i need to do now is get a new starter, slave cylinder and definitely repaint the valve cover. i was gonna do teal and purple to keep the B18B1 memory alive but be i was also leaning towards yellow with blue spark wires to give it that spoon look.

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Maybe go textured yellow powder coat with a carbon spark cover and blue hardware like I’ve got on mine?



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x2 on the yellow/CF, looks awesome!