Cranks, has fuel pressure, but no spark!!


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My 97 Integra ls was running perfectly fine but a couple days ago while driving it home I downshifted to stop for a red light and the car just shut off and wouldn’t start again and ended up having it towed home. Now fast forward a couple days. Relays show signs of life when bench tested, all fuses are good, and put in a new distributor. The car cranks and has fuel pressure but is not getting any spark. Does anyone have any ideas on what it could be?! Thanks I’m advance!!


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Even i am facing the same porblem if i find the solution will let you know


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Have you verified it actually cranks or are you just hearing the starter?

I ask because I've had my timing belt snap on me once. If the belt is snapped then you'll need to do a head job because it is an interference motor, so you'll have bent valves in that situation. I hope that is not your case. Just pull off the valve cover and check in a few minutes.