DB2 Integra Bogs down in low RPMs and dies. Won't start.


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I'm planning on getting my DB2 up and running again as I neglected it for 2 years now. This issue started happening about 2 years and a half ago in which the car starts bogging down whenever I make a turn, sometimes it would even completely shut down after it stutters. I replaced several things in order to possibly fix this issue. This all occurred after I had my fuel pump replaced when it gave out.
Things Checked or Replaced:
Fuel Pump
Spark Plugs*
Timing was set to OG specs
New Distributor
Checked MAP & TPS sensor
Main Relay (Re soldered)
Did a compression test on the car and did notice that the psi would drop around 20 during the turns
I also noticed that this only happens when I have less than a full tank on the car so maybe the fuel pump wasn't installed properly? That's just a guess though.