Distributor/Tachometer Problem! Help!!

I have been chasing this for a few months now but anyways the car is a 1996 Acura Integra SE. Under acceleration (WOT) my tachometer jumps around like crazy. To my understanding the tachometer gets its signal from the igniter. So I've replaced the Igniter with the Autozone brand and that would work for a few weeks before coming back. I took advantage of the Autozone Igniter's lifetime warranty like 9 times before I got a Honda one. The Honda one lasted about 4 weeks before my tachometer started jumping around like crazy again. The ground by the thermostat is clean and tight. This is my first Honda/Acura and this problem is driving me crazy. I'm now considering just buying a whole new Distributor from Autozone. Please Help!!


No fucks given.
Get a new distributor.

Mine did the same thing, went through all the troubleshooting, replacing parts, etc. I replaced the whole distributor, no problems afterward.

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