Diy: 94-01 integra rear signal and as a running light


This is for those that want to make all the sections of the taillights lit, when turning on the lights. Hope this helps those who want to do this project. Im sure there are many different ways of doing this, but this is what I did.

DISCLAIMER: Do this at your OWN RISK. If you don't feel comfortable doing this yourself, find a local shop to have it done. Im not responsible, if you catch your car on fire or something doesn't work, because you did something wrong. I did this and its working just fine. Also, for those people that have amber signals in there tails(JDM/94-97 USDM) or clear signals in there tails(EDM/aftermarket), find out about the local laws before doing this mod. Happy Modding

Tools Needed:
~8mm wrench
~wire cutter/stripper
~solder and soldering gun(recommended)(route I took)
~heat shrink
~butt connectors(if you chose this over soldering)
~electrical tape
~razor blade(optional)
~(2) 1157 sockets. I got mine from another 94-01 Integra at the junk yard
~20awg wire. 6-10"(optional)

Wiring colors/stripe:
~red/black - parking/running lights
~green/white - brake lights
~green/yellow - signal lights
~black w/ brown spots - ground

remove the taillights by screwing off the nuts, using an 8mm wrench
remove the plug that has red and green wires coming from it

there are a couple wire clips that needs to be removed, to expose another hidden nut ;)

this is what you should have in your hand. 1 grey(brake/taillights) and 1 black socket(signal)
this is the left taillight, but its the same for the right taillight

modify the 1157 socket, so it would fit in the hole for the signal section of the taillight. use a razor blade to cut the tabs. I circled the tab I cut


cut the signal wires and set the socket to the side. I chose to throw mine away

start matching wire colors to the new 1157 socket you will be using

I added a 6-10" 20awg wire to the red/black wire on the new 1157 socket

I also chose not to cut the red/black wire from the original socket. instead I just stripped the protective coating around the wire, as seen in pic

there is a green/white wire(brake lights) and a green/yellow wire(signal lights). go ahead and connect them together, as this will be your signal lights.

once all the wires are soldered/butt connected, this is what it should roughly look like

tuck everything back in its place. you should now have 2 grey 1157 sockets

install the taillights and plug the wire connector back on. if everything works, tighten the nuts if you haven't done it yet.





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Great write up, did this mod today. For some reason, I just couldn't get a very clear idea of how the wiring was set up until I actually took my lights out and looked at the factory set up and the 1157 sockets. I thought I'd post some more pics for any one who has a sedan or just isn't too clear yet. Also, I used heat shrink marine butt connector terminals. It's just my preference whenever I do electric to keep everything safe. IIRC blues are 14-18 gauge, red are 20-22 gauge.

Cables cut, showing which you are going to join together. 3 reds (I did a Y), one coming from the plug joined with one going to the 1157 on one end, and one going to other light on the other end. 2 greens, one that went from plug to old socket to the one going to the new socket. And 2 blacks, same as green (heavier gauge cables, 16 gauge?).

Here they are with the terminal butt connectors installed.


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Also, If one signal won't flash, but the running light turns on, and the front signal for that side is flashing quickly then recheck your connections. I had a green signal wire come disconnected after I installed the tail lights.


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Not gonna lie. Never considered that DBs had different light patterns than DCs. Not sure if I dig it yet, but its growing on me. I also put in some of the Sylvania Brighter/Whiter Bulbs.