Does installing an aftermarket stereo disable the anti-theft system?


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I just got a 2000 Integra GS 5-speed and bought an aftermarket stereo. Does installing the that disable the anti theft system?


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I may be wrong but im pretty sure the only anti theft devicr in integras is the transponder chip in the key. So no it wont. The blinking red light is just a deterrent to my knowledge.

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Welcome CI, and NO, installing your stereo will not disable your alarm system.


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So far, what people have told you is wrong, the only way to disable the anti-theft system without the 5 digit code (try flipping through your manual it might be on a random page, mine was) is to in fact install a new radio. the anti-theft system is part of the radio so removing the radio is effectively getting rid of it. Hope this helps!