Electronics are no fun

Got my brand new Pioneer DEH-X3800UI head unit, grab my self a new wiring harness cause the old one was crappy plus I got itr for 2 bucks. Anyways everything is plugged in the right place the speakers work but only the LEFT side of my cars speakers work that means front left and rear left. I've tried to balance it all on the right side and I can only hear a feint sound coming from the speakers. Im sure people have had this problem before. Can anyone please give me some insight/advice?


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Re check your wiring. Also, make sure the harnesses are plugged all the way in.
Update: Sound coming from all 4 speakers now, problem was my auxiliary cord I think was shorting the head unit. One more problem though..right rear speakers has this buzzing soft feint noise coming from it while theres no sound on. I'll have the radio on with the sound all the way down but that buzzing I can still hear. Anyone had this problem before?