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Block: (Blue Printed and Assembled by Golden Eagle, Sleeves done by RS Machine)

B18C1 sleeved with RS Machine Open Deck (Darton/Benson Style) Sleeves bored to 85mm
85mm Arias Forged High Comp Pistons with Arias wrist pins and spiral clips
Skunk2 Alpha H-Beam Rods
GSR Crankshaft
ARP 2000 Rod Bolts
Baffled OEM Oil Pan
Golden Eagle Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

Transmission:(Built by Synchrotech)
1997 GS-R S80 Transmission Case
Gearing Specs:
1st: 3.230
2nd: 1.900
3rd: 1.458
4th: 1.107
5th: 0.875
Reverse: 3.00
Final Drive: GearX Helical 4.9 Final Drive
Differential: Quaife LSD

Synchrotech Carbon Syncros
Exedy 9.5lbs Flywheel
ARP Flywheel Bolts
Exedy Stage 1 Clutch
Goodridge Kevlar Hydraulic Clutch Line
ARP Pressure Plate Bolts
JDM Integra Type R Gold Shift Linkage
Energy Suspension Shift Linkage Bushings
Exedy Throwout Bearing
Skunk2 Magnetic Drain Plug

Head/Air Delivery:
1994 B16A1 Head
Full Port Job
Custom Ovate Conical Beehive Valve Springs made by SI
Custom Chromoly Valve Spring Retainers made by SI
1mm Oversize Stainless Steel Intake Valves made by SI
Stainless Steel Exhaust Valves made by SI
Custom Lightweight/Back Cut valve job
Balanced Valve Train
NSX Lost Motion Assembly from ScienceOfSpeed
Skunk2 Port Matched Intake Manifold
Hondata Port Matched Intake Manifold Gasket
Extended Intake Manifold Studs
70mm Skunk2 Port Matched Throttle Body
70mm Skunkk2 Thermal Throttle Body Gasket
Custom 3” Intake (Wrapped with DEI Titanium Wrap)
bpi Flow Stack
6" K-Tuned Air Filter
00 Integra Type R Cams(Same Spec as CTR)
Skunk2 Adjustable Cam Gears
Gates Racing Kevlar Timing Belt
NGK BKR7E Spark Plugs
NGK Plug Wires
ARP L19 Head Studs

Fuel Delivery:
OEM Acura RDX Injectors
K-Tuned RDX Injector Top Hats
Rywire RDX to OBD1 Plugs
AEM Fuel Rail
AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator
Russell Steel Braided Fuel Line
Walbro 190 lph Fuel Pump
K-Tuned Fuel Pressure Gauge

Cooling System:
Skunk2 Alpha Radiator
Skunk2 Radiator Cap
Skunk2 Silicone Radiator Hoses
12” Slim Fan
OEM Oil Cooler
OEM Type R Connecting Pipe
Setrab Series 6 19 Row Oil Cooler

Skunk2 Alpha Series Header (Wrapped with DEI Titanium Wrap)
Skunk2 MegaPower RR 76mm Catback Exhaust (Extended to Header)

P28 ECU with Hondata s100 tuned by Church Automotive Testing
AEM Wideband O2 sensor

Chassis and Suspension:
Koni Race Shocks
Ground Control Coilover Sleeves
Eibach 600 lbs Springs in Front
Eibach 700 lbs Springs in Rear
Energy Suspension Master Bushing Kit
Pro Car Innovations Rear Trailing Arm Spherical Bearings
Password JDM 4 Point Rear Strut Bar
RE-Works Stainless Steel Front Upper Strut Bar
Energy Suspension Steering Rack Bushings
Blackworks Adjustable Upper Control Arm Camber Kit (Front)
Skunk2 Pro Camber Kit (Rear)
Energy Suspension Upper Control Arm Bump Stops
ASR Subframe Brace Black Edition
ASR Adjustable Endlinks
Eibach 25mm 3 Way Adjustable Rear Sway Bar
ASR Rear Lower Control Arms (Black Edition)
Corner Balance and Alignment by Darin and Chris at West End

Wheels and Tires:
Hankook RS3 225/45/15
15x8 949Racing 6UL
Gorilla Steel Lugs

ABS Delete
Goodridge Steel Braided Brake Lines
Zinc Coated Integra Type R Front Calipers
Mini Cooper Clubman Front Brake Rotors (Duralast part #45485)
Centric Blank Rear Brake Rotors
Front Pads- Hawk DTC 60
Rear Pads- Hawk HPS

Engine Bay Randomness:
Hasport U88A Extreme Race Engine Mounts
Odyssey Battery
Skunk2 Battery Tie
A/C Delete
Cruise Control Delete
Window Squirt System Delete
Partial Wire Tuck
Hood Dampers
Carbon Fiber Spark Plug Cover
Steel Braided Valve Cover Ground
Coolant Overflow Tuck
Billet Oil Cap
Fuse Box Tuck
Road Race Engineering Oil Catch Can

DC Sports Shift Knob
Cobra Suzuka GT Kevlar Bucket Seat
PCI Drivers Side Seat Bracket
Buddy Club Racing Spec Bucket Seat
Buddy Club Seat Bracket
AEM Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
Innovate Oil Temp/Oil Pressure Gauge
Momo MOD.08 Deep Dish Steering Wheel
Momo Steering Wheel Hub
NRG 2.0 Quick Release Hub
Broadway Mirror
Rear Seat Removal
Rear Panel Removal
Headliner Removal
SRS System Delete
Sound Deadening Removal
AutoMeter Cluster Gauge Pod
Heater Core Delete
AutoPower Race Roll Bar
G-Force 5 Point Latch and Link Race Harness
G-Force 5 Point Camlock Race Harness
Custom Dash Block Off Plates

JDM Type R Front End Conversion
Type R Wing with Gurney Flap
JDM 98 Spec Tail Lights
APR Performance Formula GT3 Carbon Mirrors
VIS Carbon Fiber JDM Type R Hood
OEM Side Markers
Password JDM Rear Wiper Delete
IO Port Racing Adjustable Tow Strap
Antenna Delete
Rear Window Squirt Delete
Amber Bumper Lights
Sunroof Delete

Brad Penn Penn Grade 1 10w-40
Torco MTF
Torque RT700 Brake Fluid
Water Wetter Coolant Additive

Here is a track video:

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I like Hondas
maybe I missed it, but what front swaybar are you running?


Yolo Whippin'
Stock GSR? There is absolutely no need to upgrade the stock front sway.
I only upgraded the front because i had an accident and my gsr sway was ground down :( went JDM ITR.

This build is dope man, cant wait till were both on track and we can play.


I'm a gearheAd
oh my god again

Beautiful. I always wondered this but does wrapping your intake tube like that actually help against it sucking in hot engine bay air?
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Nah, it will just help against heat soak from the hot air radiating around the pipe. Very very minimal. That engine bay shot is actually old. My header is wrapped now too and I have a smaller battery, but I just haven't taken an updated shot.


Lol OEM Cams and pump gas. Curious what it can do if I had a set of cams.
I loved my Buddy Club 4s. I think you could hit 250 with a those. Most likely more with some with other cams, just depends how much drivability you want to sacrifice. I weekend drove those on my 1.9 with around 13:1 and it was fine. It didn't pick up power till around 6800 but from there to 9500 it screamed. You have more displacement so something around that lift/duration should be even smoother for you.

Everything looks great man, nice work.

Judging from how your curve flattens out at only 8k, I'd say something's definitely limiting your air flow. Looking at your other mods it's hard to imagine it's anything other than the cams.
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What do you know, fast guy! Also I think you upgraded from a 94-97 RS front sway which is 22mm. GSR stock front sway is 24mm.
I went with the 98 spec JDM ITR 25mm lol it feels pretty good.. but then again.. you like your springs backwards for whatever reason lol
lol im a trend setter with the gangster comment.
I loved my Buddy Club 4s. I think you could hit 250 with a those. .
last thing homeboy needs is more power lol, he needs seat time over any part out there!