Finally fixed my trunk latch


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I copied this over from the other integ forum. It's just my broken trunk latch story.

Well about 6mths ago the trunk latch on my 00 LS started acting spotty, sometimes it would open, sometimes not. Then it just stopped working altogether. I, like most people, just resorted to using the key to open, but that became cumbersome after a while because I actually use the trunk a lot. So I decided to try and fix the problem.

First I started with the research and found some info:

I knew it was something in the actuator because I could hear the click from the latch switch and the actuator motor spin a little. So I dissected it and found many complex gears and parts:

Under the small gear is this broken part. Same as the person from the first link.

I tried to glue it back as the person in the first link suggested, but with no success because there is a lot of tension from the spring that attaches to it. I tried crazy/super glue, even the heavy duty plastic epoxy. No luck.

So I abandoned that and started looking at new actuators. The OEM unit cost about $60 online, but then I came across this:

I figured why buy a stock actuator that is complex, expensive, and prone to breaking when I could buy this DEI 524N unit for about $20 on eBay.

Installing the DEI was pretty easy. I found a good location where I didn't have to drill into anything. First I threaded the supplied rod to the actuator and connected it loosely to the latch rod (C). Then I screwed in the actuator to the supplied metal strap (A). Then I just attached the strap to a couple of the existing bolts/studs sticking out in the area (B). I think they are studs for the taillight. I had to enlarge one of the holes in the strap a little, then used some nuts to lock it on. Then aligned the rods at the connector for a good pull and tightened it down (C).

Wired it using Posi-taps. On my 00 LS the red/white wire is power and orange/yellow is ground. So I wired the green wire from the actuator to red/white and blue to orange/yellow.

Everything connected.

Tucked in the wires.

Cover still fits.

Done! Works great. That's all folks.


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Congrats!! i have had the same problem ever since i bought my teg. It bothers me also but i haven't had time to fix it. FIX MINE FOR ME!!! lol


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I wish it worked from the factory lol.

I will be doing this over thanksgiving :)


Man I literally just replaced my OEM trunk release module. its was 70 online :/

EDIT: The little blue piece is such a b**ch. That's what broke on mine.