"For Sale" Buying Guidelines

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Guidelines for Buying on ClubIntegra.com

ClubIntegra.com is in no way responsible for any transactions made on the forum. Moderators and Admin will do their best to try and regulate the marketplace, but will also need its members to be on the lookout for each other.

When purchasing on ClubIntegra.com or any forum you can make your transaction a safer one by following these simple guidelines.

1. Make sure the seller's "For Sale" thread is compliant with our rules. It should include a sign in the picture with their user ID, the date, and ClubIntegra.com written on it. This must be written on a piece of paper taken in the same picture as the part. This will help you ensure that they have what they claim they have, but also that the item is in the condition specified.

Here is an example of a legit F/S picture with sign:

Here is an example of a scammers F/S picture. Take notice that the sign is being held in front of a computer screen and has the wrong information on it:

2. Always try to buy from trusted sources! Make sure to document the transaction throughly and use all appropriate means to protect yourself.

3. If buying from an unknown source always try to fund your transaction with a credit card. If the transaction goes bad and the payment service isn't able to fix the situation you will have a second layer of protection with your credit card company.

4. Always request for Delivery Confirmation and a Tracking Number on all sales. This will guarantee delivery for both sides of the transaction and aid in protection. I also recommend signature confirmation so there is no chance the item goes "missing."

5. If you follow these "Buying" guidelines you should not incur any problems purchasing off ClubIntegra.com. Failure to adhere to these rules will leave you open to getting scammed and possibly being screwed out of your money. As always, the choice is yours.

6. ClubIntegra.com, nor it's administrators and moderators, are responsible for any problems with transactions.
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