Front End How to for G1's


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Hi Dudes and dudettes!?!

I'm Mike from Sweden and I have a -88 G1 blacktop and receantly bought the 27,5 mm torsion bar upgrade.

My problem:

Tried to hammer the torsion bar in to the tube and all the way forward so I could attach the front clip.
But the whole front part of the tube assembly just keeps going outwards.
So I logged on here and saw that there's a spline missing on the original bar, does that mean that there is a broader spline inside the tube to match it and I have to modify my new 27,5 mm bars by grinding down one spline?

In the garage right now and I Think it's early morning in the states.

Appreciate any reply.

Now back to get the damn thing out of the tube.... :S

Br Mike
If I remember correctly the original torsion bars are keyed. To put in aftermarket you modify the tube keyway into another spline. Check out, I remember seeing a article about it on there before.


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So I "Keyed" (or what you call it) one spline and started to hammer the torsion bar in to the tube with the following result:

The whole thing came out.:O
After a lot of swearing and namecalling I started to measure why I couldn't get the damn thing as far out so I could apply the clip.<br>
Well it turns out that the splines are to short in length and they bottom out , and that is why my front "whatever arm" popped out of the frame: <br>

So I had to modify them slightly more with the grinder:

The left one is ontouched 27,5 mm <br>
The middle one is the original, see how it gets thinner after the splines end<br>
The one on the far right is is a 27,5 mm bar that I modified to fit in original tubing.<br>
Great success baby! <br>


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i need more pictures of what to do dont know crap about torsion bas or acuras/hondas or a video man


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how about lifting it back up?

i just picked up an 89 integra and the thing is slammed to the ground by previous owner and drives like shit. Bounces you out your seat when you hit a pebble.

So i'm trying to lift it back up a bit. I got under there and the height adjusting nuts are completely off. I tried compressing the torsion tube back into place with no luck getting clearance for a replacement bolt to be screwed on. i took the torsion tube off thinking I might be able to adjust it in a way to get the height bolts connected in a way. The wheel never drops though after being put on stands and the tube being removed... I could not figure out how to remove the torsion bar itself... Am i missing something? Did the previous owner somehow lock the strut in place nearly full compression? Any help would be appreciated.


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The best way to study for your G1 is to read the drivers handbook. Once you have a good grasp of the road rules and traffic signs. There are online practice tests to test your knowledge. Although they are not the exact same to the test you will be taking, they give you a good idea of what to expect.