GSR wiring harness issue


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Hello everyone ;)
Last year I bought a 1997 Acura Integra GS automatic, it had only had one owner and it was fully stock.
The Integra became my project car, and the goal was to make the automatic GS into a manual GSR.
I gathered the engine/transmission and all the parts and started to work on it. At the moment I have pretty much completed the swap, I did the mounts, the pedal swap, did the clutch switch and reverse light wiring, the metal work so that the shift linkage could fit, I bought a 1996 GSR ECU and installed it, among other important pieces.
Sadly I tried to turn it on and I was half successful, the car wouldn’t idle but it would rev. I didn’t want to mess anything up so I turned it off I noticed that it was smoking a very tiny amount from somewhere so I got cautious.
I figured I’d need a new engine harness for the 2000 GSR motor because not all of the connections were complete with the old harness so I got a 2001 GSR harness and started to get to work connecting every single pin connecter I could find. I ran into an issue where the 4th Pin connector from the passenger wiring harness tower doesn’t connect to my new 2001 gsr harness. The GS pin connector needs 6 pins and the GSR connector only has 3. Is this 4th pin connector important? How can I make it so that it connects to my new harness? I’m not a mechanic just a guy who likes these types of cars and would love to get this car running.

Thanks y’all