Having trouble with a battery drain...

sup fellas, I'm new here, but normally from g1teg, thought I'd post this issue here too since I'm kinda in a hurry...

Sorry for the wall of text, but I'd rather post my trial and errors before I'm asked questions I already know the answers to. I'm still learning about the 89 integra and ****... usually work on chevys T_T


So lately my cars charging system was acting up, I decided to replace the alternator since the voltages were low (I had an extra alternator lying around that I'm 99% sure was in perfect condition) and the belt in it.

Well now the car runs, voltages are fine... I drove it to work one day but at the end of my shift I went out to the parking lot and it didn't turn over. Jumped it and made it home. I tested the voltages and the alternator is fine, it's charging but when I tested the battery with one of those test lights, I had a battery drain, so I unplug a bunch of fuses one by one... nothing. Took out my aftermarket radio just to be safe, and unplugged a bunch of crap, still a battery drain.

Jumping back about a year, my engine died so I replaced it with a new engine that came out of an '89 integra with an auto tranny. The wiring harness also came with the engine, so I installed that along with the engine swap I did....So I had this hunch that, since I'm using a wire harness that came from an auto transmission, that I should probably use my old MT one, then maybe I could get reverse lights! and maybe it could somehow solve this battery drain. Well, I installed it... no reverse lights lol, and still didn't fix the battery drain. So I stared under the hood for a while, thinking of what the **** could possibly cause this drain. well I opened up that black box above the PGM-FI and unplugged the two cables that are screwed down... voila, the second cable is where my battery drain is coming from.

Also I have code 4 (crank angle sensor) on my ECU if that is in anyway shape or form related to anything discussed here... but the car runs perfectly fine, beautiful actually.

So i'm getting a battery drain from the "bottom" cable in that black box.... it's for the fuel injector right? I have no idea where to go from here.

I'm currently driving my car since it's my only vehicle, downside? I have to unplug the battery after each trip so the batter doesn't die not funny to me actually, I dislike driving unsafe vehicles

Also note: After installing my "old" manual-transmission wiring harness, my blinkers dont work, along with my tachometer, temp gauge and gas gauge. So I will triple check my connections, even though I think they are fine, or probably just go back with my AT wire harness.

take off your ground cable. take a non powerd test light. hook one end of the light up to the neg battery post. and the other end to the neg cable. the light will turn on if theres a draw. start taking out fuses one at a time. even those ones with the screws on that black box... when you take one out and the light turns off, you've found your source. then trace it down, find out what it runs.


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this start after the alternator swap? if it did i bet its the alternator, unplug it and see if the draw goes away. probaly have a bad diode in it.


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one thing to keep in mind perchance with nemethjames1's method is if you have dash clocks etc. you might want to pull the fuse because they actually pull a small amount of electricity all the time. depending on youre test light this may not even show up but it does on mine, fouled me up when chasing the gremlin on an old dodge van a while back. nehow just a thought :)

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