Header Options for 98 Integra RS


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Hey there

I know this has probably been discussed so many times before. I can't find many threads relating to 98 RS Integra's and headers so I figured I would start one and get some feedback. I have a simple daily driver 1998 acura integra RS. My original motor gave out so I have a newer B18B1 motor swap in it.

The only aftermarket mods done are AEM intake and a pretty nice APEXI WS2 exhaust.

I have a stock CAT installed and this kind of factors into my question.

I was looking into opening up the rest of my exhaust system a bit more and besides my cat the header was my next focus. Is it worth it to do it on a daily? It's been on my mind for years and I finally have the money (not 1000$ for a hytech but hopefully below 500$) and I would love the additional few horse power and potential better sound.

My questions are, what's a good header setup and make to get for a 98 acura integra RS? How much does it affect sound, especially with my apexi exhaust? And should I do anything about my cat if I were to get a header? Or is a stock cat ok to leave on with an aftermarket header, intake, and exhaust?

I am completly lost so I appreciate any feedback and opinions. Thanks