Hello fellow Canadian Teg owners!


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New to the teg forums. In the past I owned an '01 Prelude - which was my baby - though it felt bulky compared to my besties EK hatch. Unfortunately, I totalled it (wasn't at fault) and was finally able to get an Integra. I searched around for a little over 4 months, borrowing family vehicles - before I landed this non-vtec beauty. I miss the power, but I'm unsure of whether or not to drop a type-r engine in it, or keep it bonestock for show purposes.
Would the stock b18b earn more kudos for show? OEM = pts?
I definitely won't be winterdriving it. I'm the second owner, the previous had it for 17 years from brand new. I'm open to opinions.
Hope we can share our Honda experience,


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Hey John, I'm also pretty new to the group as well.

kinda in the same boat as you, I just picked up my 94 Tegra 8 months ago, did about 2 months of repairs and fixes, and now i can't think what i should do with it. Honestly I think It'd be a ton of fun doing a R-type Clone project. I don't really know/care about the pts that go with it but, I think for my own enjoyment and knowing who put my ride together is well worth any loss of prestige for keeping my tegra stock. It's your ride, enjoy it. haha

BTW very minty teg. great buy.