HELP! Misfire on all 4/Bad Idle


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Hi! I'm pretty new to the forum since I've only had my Integra for about a month or 2. Recently, it started misfiring during the first 30 seconds of the drive, and would self correct after a while. Tonight, when I tried to start the car, it would turn over, rev up like normal, and drop back down and off completely. I tried it a couple more times, but I found out that the only way to keep it idling (and misfiring at the same time) was to give it gas after ignition. I have a few ideas of what it could be (Bad fuel pump, vaccum leak in the intake, distributor??) but nothing has worked so far. I have new spark plugs and plug wires in it, and I was going to replace the distributor cap and rotor until I realized it was something involving the gas pedal being pressed to keep it running. Any help would be more than appreciated, thanks in advance!!


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Have you adjusted the timing? Get a timing light and check it the timing, if its bad loosen the dist bolts and adjust it until it's correct. Other than that I think maybe the valves need adjustment


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Valve adjustments did alot for a couple of my cars and really arnt that hard to perform either