Help. Obd2 evap system to work w/obd1 ecu

I've tried all the threads and no luck. I've got an '01 Tegra running an OBD1 controlled Frakenstein motor. Need to know how to route the EVAP system to work with the OBD1 ecu. Any one know how it's done?

That's what I was thinking as I have both evap diagrams from both the obd1 civic and the '01 Tegra. What throws me off is the ORVR on board fuel vapor recovery system. Do I by pass it?Will that work when I go to fill up?Here's the list of parts I believe I'll need from the junkyard:charcol canister,purge control solenoid valve w/harness connector,EVAP 2 way valve.Got an '01 Tegra running a OBD1 controlled Frakenstein motor.Ecu hooked up using a bridge and the Tegra's wiring harness. Thanks for your help. Really appreciate it!

I figured out how to do it. Here's how to do it incase anyone else needs to know:you gotta get 92-94 civic charcol canister,evap purge control solenoid valve ,evap 2way valve,and all the hoses you can grab.on the tank you leave the ORVR hooked up to the "T" fitting as is.Disconnect the 2 way valve and replace it with the civic's.Then go up front and replace the charcol canister and purge control solenoid valve. Take a look at the civic's vacuum diagram for more help. The fun part is finding a vacuum spout on the intake to hook up the purge line. You might have to run a "T" fitting on to an exhisting vacuum line. Good luck!

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