Help !!

I have an Acura Integra 1999 LS Sedan
I locked the latch for the gas/door a long time ago
Earlier, I accidentally left my keys inside the trunk
I have tried everything I’m screwed
I have no spare keys or anything
There’s no way I can open my trunk or unlock the gas/door lock without a key


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1. Grab a wire hanger, twist it apart and attach chewed gum to the end of it.
2. Flex the door frame above the window on either side of your car using a flat squeegee.
3. Insert the wire hanger with the bubble game end inside and try to reach for the unlock switch to move it.

And that's the first step in stealing an Integra.

PS: What do you mean by "unlock the gas"

Funniest reply in a while :rolf:

How the fuck do you get in the car with the gas door?


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