How Do I Check My Auto Transmission Fluid?

i Have Found The Yellow Dip Stick In My Acura But I Dont Know How To Tell If the Fluid is Still Good Or Not. When I Looked In TheHole I Saw The Fluid Was Greyish, Is That Normal? :]. My Tansmission Does Mess Up When I Stepp OnThe Gas The Rpms Just Rise And Rise ThenI Have To Let Go Of The Gas For It To Shift.If So I NeedTo Change How Do I Do That?. I LookedUnder The Car I Think I Found The Tank But I Dont Know If Its The Tranny Oil Or Motor Oil?Plz And Thank You :]


Name: Cody
ok, to check any honda/acura auto tranny, you have to check it when the car is off. you stick the dip stick inside check the level. you want the color to be like a bright pink fuild, if not you might want to take it somewhere to get a flush or maybe do a pan drop and replace the filter


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yea but you have to check it within a minute of turning it off. if its grey thats usually friction material and is not usually good.


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What's you're milage, and when's the last time you had it changed? You will know when it is going bad because your tranny will start to shift funny-especially when the fluid gets hot. It's best to have it done every 60k miles. While you're getting it flushed, it would be a good idea to add a tranny cooler. They are around $30 and work wonders-plus they are easy to hook up.
^x2 i agree, my brother put one on his prelude when he blew his first tranny, it lasted a lil while then he blew his second trany, and finally decied to go 5 speed no problems so far. by the way you can do it yrsled it takes no more than 30 mins even for noob

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