How reliable is Acura? What are some reliable model and years you guys would recommend? Maybe just under 6k preferably!


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Hey guys so as the title says, what are some reliable Acura models/Years you guys recommend? I’m 19 and just saved up almost 6k, I was going to get an IS or GS350 but they’re a little to expensive right now so I rather save up for a year to get it. Right now I have a Nissan Altima 2005 which is going to break down very soon with 200k miles on it, I really wanna get a used car ASAP to get to work. I was thinking either an Acura TL because of its sporty/somewhat luxury look for its age 2004-2008 But is that model/years actually reliable? Also What are some other reliable models you guy would recommend? Thanks! 55 printing color copies
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